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After withering and de-enzyming, leaves are covered with a clean cloth. This brief "smothering" process forces out more fragrance from the tea and imparts a slight yellow hue to the leaves. The pan-firing process is of shorter duration than that for green teas.

Yellow: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Huo Mountain Yellow Sprouting

Another of Anhui's big-name teas, this Yellow tea shows beautiful budsets. "Fresh" and "sweet" are the most distinctive features, with an unmistakable orchard fragrance. Huo Shan is not a single mountain in western Anhui but is the name of the district, where there are several mountains that rise to over 5000 feet. 75% of the county is deeply forested, and all villages are supplied by natural water sources.

Tea Leaves

Snow Dragon Yellow Bud

Plump buds tell the story about the precise plucking and the quality of the raw material. With some knowledge of yellow tea processing, you’re sure to find a layer of flavor reflecting that added step when leaves are covered.  The taste is clean and sweet, and surprisingly satisfying given the predominance of buds. This is a single-plucking tea.

Tea Leaves

Mengding Snow Bud


The tips plucked for Sichuan Snow Buds are already sorted during plucking, since only buds are nipped off. Two people working one day pick about a kilo, and the fruits of their labor are gathered in a small fabric bag, not in the large baskets that one usually sees. The buds are sorted once more before they are de-enzymed and again after the drying process.

Tea Leaves

Fragrant Bud


Deeper than most yellow teas; the smothering makes this resemble a light oolong.

Tea Leaves

Spring Bud


Clean and lively taste; good value for a yellow tea.

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