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After withering and de-enzyming, leaves are covered with a clean cloth. This brief "smothering" process forces out more fragrance from the tea and imparts a slight yellow hue to the leaves. The pan-firing process is of shorter duration than that for green teas.

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Tea Leaves

Jasmine Silver Needle


An extravagant tea; feathery white buds, delicate tea flavor.

Tea Leaves

Silver Needle

#5511A Organic
#5511E EU Standard
Comprised entirely of buds with silvery white down. Also known as Flowery White Pekoe or Yin Zhen. No question about the high quality of the tea material, yet I have wished for more flavor. However, this batch exhibits a floral note that I have rarely encountered in this tea, and it is truly a delight to have taste matching the tea's appearance.

Tea Leaves

Organic Himalayan Snow Buds


Tea Leaves


#5601 Premium
#5611 Special
#5611A Special, Organic
#5621 First Grade
#5621A First Grade, Organic
#5631 Standard
Long silvery tips nestled among classic white peony green and tan-colored leaves. Pale gold brew with a delicate, slight toasty flavor.

Tea Leaves


Some people prefer a Shoumei over a Mudan because the slight degree of oxidation in Shoumei makes for a more flavorful cup, imparting a characteristic toasty or nutty flavor. This grade brews a robust cup with an orange liquor.

Tea Leaves

Elderflower Mudan White Tea

​Echoes the tantalizing aroma of the popular St. Germain liqueur.

Tea Leaves

Papaya Mango Mudan White Tea

​Contains papaya and mango bits, rose petals, and cornflowers.

Tea Leaves

Cranberry Apple Mudan White Tea


Tea Leaves

Guava & Roses Mudan White Tea

Exquisite tropical guava notes with lemongrass, sunflowers, strawberry slices, and rose petals.

Tea Leaves

Pomegranate Goji Berry Mudan White Tea

Colorful with goji berries and cranberry bits.

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