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A unique aged tea, Pu'er is made from Yunnan tea and stored to age after oxidation. The most popular cooked Pu'er teas are oxidized and then aged. Pu'er is also compressed into cakes, bricks, "bowls" (tuo cha), and other shapes. Molding the leaves requires a brief injection of steam; this small step alters the character of the finished compressed tea, and Pu'er connoisseurs prefer these over loose Pu'er. "Uncooked" Pu'er begins as non-oxidized tea, and the leaves undergo slight, natural oxidation as they age. For compressed teas, break off small pieces to brew, or steam the entire cake/brick to loosen the leaves; spread the leaves out and allow them to dry completely, then store in a lidded container.

Pu'er: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Yunnan Pu'er, Very Old

#5021 Large Leaf
#5022 Small Leaf
#5024 Standard
A smooth, richly flavored Pu'er with a very dark brew, showing the best of aged cooked Pu'er. A consistent bestseller; for the true Pu'er devotee.

Tea Leaves

Yunnan Menghai Pu'er

#5051 Special Grade
#5121 Standard
Slender and long leaf with long stalks, rich earthy flavor.

Tea Leaves

Fancy Yunnan Tribute Pu'er

Dark and deep, but very smooth.

Tea Leaves

Organic Yunnan Pu'er

Gong-ting or Palace style = smaller leaves

Tea Leaves

Yunnan Teahouse Pu'er


Large, bold leaf; earthy, full flavor. Top grade for teahouses and Dim Sum meals.

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Organic Pu'er Mini Tuo Cha

#5310A Organic
#5311 Standard
Cooked pu'er conveniently sized for brewing.

Tea Leaves

Pu'er in Tangerine Peel


Tea Leaves

"Sticky Rice" Pu'er Mini Tuo Cha

Not rice, but the addition of an herb that resembles roasted rice, rounding out the Pu'er taste and yielding appealing aroma.

Tea Leaves

Yunnan Pu'er Tea Cake (357g)

About the size of a Frisbee, this compressed tea is prominently displayed in tea shops in southwestern China. Robust, hearty flavor.

Tea Leaves

Cooked Pu'er Mini Cakes


Individually wrapped; 9 grams per cake, approximately 50 cakes per pound.

Tea Leaves

Cooked Yunnan Pu'er Cake (100g)

From year 2012.

Tea Leaves

Yunnan Pu'er Tea Brick (250g)


Aged 2-3 years. When loose Pu'er leaves are compressed into cakes or bricks, steam is added before molding. This extra step alters and improves the flavor of Pu'er as the tea is allowed to age.

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