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Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


Copper Tea Kettle


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Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Honey Black (Taiwan)


From Taiwan's broad leafed cultivar; cup has inviting caramel notes.

Tea Leaves

Organic Golden Buds Black

Prize-winning budset tea from Yunnan; soft toffee notes.

Tea Leaves

Organic Yunnan FOP, Special Grade


Brisk, fine-leaf tea with golden tips; full aroma. Yunnan Black Teas are known for their soft, round flavor.

Tea Leaves

Organic Keemun Congou


Famous for its superb flavor and aroma; best of the congou teas, attractive leaf, fine and twisted. Complex, distinctive fragrance.

Tea Leaves

Organic China Orange Pekoe

Dark, more robust leaves. Good for iced tea.

Tea Leaves

Organic Lapsang Souchong

From the mountains of northern Fujian, leaves are processed over pine fires so they may absorb the smoky flavor. Medium leaf.

Tea Leaves

Organic Irish Breakfast


A blend of Assam and other Indian Black teas yield a deep amber, robust cup.

Tea Leaves

Organic English Breakfast

A blend of Keemun Black, China OP, and Ceylon OP.

Tea Leaves

Organic Assam FTGFOP1


Suitable for Irish Breakfast.

Tea Leaves

Organic Dooars FTGFOP1 (India)


Deep flavor and full bodied.

Tea Leaves

Organic Darjeeling

#1510A Singell, First Flush FTGFOP1
#1548A Selim Hill, First Flush FTGFOP1
#1607A Seeyok, Second Flush FTGFOP1
#1659A Selimbong, Second Flush FTGFOP1
Please inquire about estate teas each season.

Tea Leaves

Organic Himalayan Tippy Black

If Origin is not foremost for this type of tea, these teas come from gardens just kilometers away from Darjeeling, with the same flavor profile and  are excellent values. Pricing reflects the time of plucking.


Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Pi Lo Chun (Taiwan)


Dark, long leaves yield a sweet, golden cup.

Tea Leaves

Organic Yangtze Green Maofeng

Dark, fairly long leaves; cup is cleanly sweet, not overly assertive.

Tea Leaves

Organic Silver Maofeng

So named for the many silvery buds in this green.

Tea Leaves

Organic Ming Mei


Tea Leaves

Organic Mist on the River


From the Yangtze River region; good proportion of silvery strands.

Tea Leaves

Organic Orchid Dew

An organic green from a Japanese cultivar transplanted in China; deep, refined green flavor.

Tea Leaves

Organic Dragonwell

#2092A Second Grade
#2093A Third Grade
From the West Lake region. Flat green leaves yield a delicate golden brew with a lingering, slightly sweet aftertaste.

Tea Leaves

Organic Himalayan Honey Green

An early-spring, single-plucking tea from Nepal; wonderful aroma with honeysuckle notes.

Tea Leaves

Organic Clouds & Mist Maofeng

A premium Maofeng, this tea embodies the reasons for drinking green tea. Tantalizingly sweet for a green, this tea has refreshing, chestnutty notes.

Tea Leaves

Organic Green Tranquility Maofeng

Like Clouds & Mist, this is another gateway tea towards better quality Greens; leaf appearance is a standard, finely rolled "eyebrow" shaped tea, but the flavor surpasses Chunmees.

Tea Leaves

Organic Chunmee, Special Grade


Finest leaf; good, slightly smoky flavor.

Tea Leaves

Organic Gunpowder

#2281A Extrafine Pinhead
#2283A Pinhead
Very neat in appearance; tightly rolled, glossy grey leaf "grains".

Tea Leaves

Organic Gyokuro (Jade Dew)

Gyokuro-like; sweet with no raw edge. Long, narrow, dark green leaves; pronounced natural fragrance.

Tea Leaves

Organic Sencha

A classic steamed green tea.

Tea Leaves

Organic Genmaicha


Sencha with roasted rice and popped rice. A friendly introduction to green teas.

Tea Leaves

Organic Bancha



Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Silver Needle


Comprised entirely of buds with silvery white down. Also known as Flowery White Pekoe or Yin Zhen. No question about the high quality of the tea material, yet I have wished for more flavor. However, this batch exhibits a floral note that I have rarely encountered in this tea, and it is truly a delight to have taste matching the tea's appearance.

Tea Leaves

Organic Himalayan Snow Bud

Organic Himalayan Snow Buds

Tea Leaves

Organic Mudan

#5611A Special Grade
#5621A First Grade
Long silvery tips nestled among classic white peony green and tan-colored leaves. Pale gold brew with a delicate, slight toasty flavor.


Green tea scented with natural jasmine blossoms; flowers are removed after scenting for top grades.

Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Yin Hao Jasmine


Finest slender leaves with abundant silver tips. Flowers have been removed after scenting and hardly any petals remain.

Tea Leaves

Organic Jasmine Pi Lo Chun


Tea Leaves

Organic Jasmine White Downy Tips


Tea Leaves

Organic Chun Hao Jasmine

A finer leafed Jasmine with good uniformity and tips showing; excellent bouquet.

Tea Leaves

Organic Jasmine, Special Grade

More petals showing; slender longish leaves mingled with tips. Fewer flowers remain in the tea than in lower grades. Delicate flavor.

Tea Leaves

Organic Jasmine Downy Pearls


Silvery tips carefully shaped into small round pearls. Compare quality by looking at the proportion of bud to stem in the wet leaves. Quality of plucking and scenting account for price difference; the standard grade is a great value. (Beware of jasmine pearls that have one or two long strands wrapped around a core of broken tea leaves.)


As tea crafters themselves are wont to say, Oolong is a “fussy” tea to make. Withered leaves are tossed and shaken to bruise the edges of the leaves and to begin oxidation. The extent of the shaking, of oxidation and drying is variable, making this a complex tea in the best sense. From the Light/Fragrant style that shows green-tinged rolled leaves to the more robust style that shows dark, thick leaves, Oolongs provide something for everyone. Pale golden cups offer floral notes; medium oxidized teas brew up an apricot-colored cup with layers of flavor; deep amber brews yield smooth, deeply aromatic cups.

Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Floral Oolong (Nepal)


Good value for this hand-rolled, semi-oxidized tea; closest comparison would be a Taiwan Silver Tip.

Tea Leaves

Organic Shui Hsien Oolong

Described as having a natural orchid-like flavor; good for many infusions with a lingering fragrance; clear, bright, amber color. Friendly finish without fire.

Tea Leaves

Organic Oolong, Medium Roast (semi balled)


Light amber in the cup; high aroma and enough flavor make this a good cold beverage too.


A unique aged tea, Pu'er is made from Yunnan tea and stored to age after oxidation. The most popular cooked Pu'er teas are oxidized and then aged. Pu'er is also compressed into cakes, bricks, "bowls" (tuo cha), and other shapes. Molding the leaves requires a brief injection of steam; this small step alters the character of the finished compressed tea, and Pu'er connoisseurs prefer these over loose Pu'er. "Uncooked" Pu'er begins as non-oxidized tea, and the leaves undergo slight, natural oxidation as they age. For compressed teas, break off small pieces to brew, or steam the entire cake/brick to loosen the leaves; spread the leaves out and allow them to dry completely, then store in a lidded container.

Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Yunnan Pu'er


Gong-ting or Palace style = smaller leaves

Tea Leaves

Organic Pu'er Mini Tuo Cha


Cooked Pu'er conveniently sized for brewing.


Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Strawberry Orange Black Tea


Tea, fruit, flowers are organically cultivated; contains strawberry, orange, and marigold.

Tea Leaves

Organic Lemon Black Tea


Tea, fruit, flowers are organically cultivated; contains lemon peel and lemongrass.

Tea Leaves

Organic Passionfruit Kiwi Green Tea


Tea Leaves

Organic Ginger Lemon Green Tea


Tea, ginger, lemon peel, and lemongrass are all organically cultivated.

Tea Leaves

Organic Tropical Breeze Green Tea


Tea, fruit, and flowers are organically cultivated; contains papaya and pineapple.


Organic: Our Products
Tea Leaves

Organic Green Rooibos, Long Cut

Apricot colored brew; soft easy finish without astringency. (Origin: South Africa)

Tea Leaves

Organic Rooibos, Long Cut

Needle-like leaves, naturally caffeine-free, good hot or iced. (Origin: South Africa)

Tea Leaves

Organic Apricot Mango Fruit Tea

Plentiful rose petals in the mix.

Tea Leaves

Organic Coconut Cranberry Fruit Tea


No hibiscus makes this fruit tea brew up a soft golden cup.

Tea Leaves

Organic Ginger Orange Fruit Tea


Not too tart and warmed by soft ginger notes; marigold petals add visual appeal.

Tea Leaves

Organic Strawberry Orange Fruit Tea


Bright, lively taste; lemongrass adds visual flair.

Tea Leaves

Organic Ginger Orange Carrot Infusion Fruit Tea


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