Green tea scented with jasmine blossoms; flowers are removed after scenting for top grades.


Jasmine Pearl

#6136 Downy, Fancy

#6138 Downy

#6138A Downy, Organic

#6139 Standard

Silvery tips carefully shaped into small round pearls. Compare quality by looking at the proportion of bud to stem in the wet leaves. Quality of plucking and scenting account for price difference; the standard grade is a great value. (Beware of jasmine pearls that have one or two long strands wrapped around a core of broken tea leaves.)

Blooming Jasmine Ball

#6336 Standard
#6336E EU Standard
A hand-crafted artisan tea composed of jasmine-scented green tea leaves tied together with a pink amaranth blossom in the center. Each piece is about the size of a Red Globe grape, and the tea leaves unfurl and "bloom" into a flower when steeped. A visual treat with solid jasmine flavor.

Jasmine Snowdrift


As its name suggests, the budsets show a lot of downy white; made in early June.

Jasmine Curled Dragon Silver Tip

Thick, twisted whitish leaves. A lavish green tea in its own right, but scented with jasmine.

Jasmine Silver Needle (White Tea)


An extravagant tea; feathery white buds, delicate tea flavor.

White Dragon Jasmine

More silver tips than the traditional Yin Hao.

Yin Hao Jasmine

#3010 Super
#3012 Fancy
#3011 Standard
#3011A Standard, Organic
Finest slender leaves with abundant silver tips. Flowers have been removed after scenting and hardly any petals remain.

Organic Jasmine Pi Lo Chun


Organic Jasmine White Downy Tips


Chur She Jasmine

Traditional Fujian standard, one grade above Special.

Hao Ya Jasmine


Good uniformity with tips showing; excellent scenting.

China Jasmine

#3101 Special
#3101A Special, Organic
#3111 First Grade
#3119 First Grade, Fine Leaf
#3121 Second Grade
#3131 Third Grade
#3132 Jasmine Blossoms Added
#3151 Standard


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